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Meet Casey

Casey is our new neighbor down the street. He’s a sweet Cocker Spaniel, but he has some issues that are sure to drive any dog owner crazy. Due to his owner’s age and physical problems, I’ve volunteered to walk him with Buddy every night. I’ve noticed an improvement in his behavior already. ūüôā But we still have a¬†ways to go.

I brought my camera with me when I walked the boys last night and got some shots. I’ll definitely be¬†taking it with me again, because Casey is so cute!


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More of the girls…

I told you Nena liked to play. There was a nice little table with a full¬†bowl of toys outside, and the moment I opened the door, Nena ran to it. She didn’t care what toy you picked, she just wanted you to throw it! Maybe it’s because Buddy isn’t that enamored with his toys, but I sure got a kick out of it. Hope you do, too!

How could I not post one of little Lilly?

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Full post | Lilly & Nena

These girls are so precious! Nena was crazy and just wanted to play, and Lilly was perfectly content to sit in my mom’s lap. I’ll probably post more photos in the coming days.

Start off with a series.

Nena loved to play.

¬†Tongues. They’re guaranteed to make an appearance.

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Sneak Peak | Lilly & Nena

I took care of a pair of adorable dogs today and just happened to bring my camera along. ūüôā Lilly is a teacup Maltese and Nena is a Schnauzer. Full post coming soon!

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Lola + Sadie

Friday evening I babysat for a family in our church, and not only did I get lots of shots of the kids being silly, but I photographed the family’s two dogs as well.

Lola is an adorable little long haired Chihuahua, and Sadie is a Golden Retriever. Talk about a size difference!

I may post photos of the kids later in the week, but for now enjoy some of the dogs.

I believe I found¬†a friend in this girl. She’s so sweet!

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Miss Molly

Our lovely next door neighbor.

She’s such a beautiful girl, isn’t she?

And she’s the biggest sweetheart I’ve ever seen. Even though she’s old and lazy,¬†Molly will¬†come running for a rub and a visit with Buddy.

Let me share her with you.

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At the park

To gain more photographic experience, we¬†took a little trip to the dog park. Buddy has only been 3 other times when there were few dogs, but tonight there had to be at least 15 dogs. It was awesome! I think it was great for socializing Buddy. The other dogs were great at letting him know he wasn’t boss, just another member of the pack.

My favorite dog was the black Great Dane. I’ve already forgotten his name, but he was beautiful! He was recently attacked at the park by another dog and had to have 10 staples. Poor guy! My other 2 favorites were the puppies. One was an 11 week old black Lab puppy, the other was some kind of pointer. All the dogs were great. I had a blast, and so did Buddy.¬†But he let us know when he was ready to leave –¬†he stood right by the fence.

Prepare for lots of photos.

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