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Buddy & his bone

I took these shots last week and kept forgetting to post them. Buddy was all wet and super hyper, so outside we went. Every time he gets outside with a toy, it goes something like this: runs from me, stops and waits for me, runs from me, runs some more, rubs his face into the grass and flops over on his back, rolls around while trying to hang onto his toy, repeats the entire process, and finally becomes exhausted. Here’s how the last few steps look.

He wishes he had thumbs.


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Monday randomness

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New Treats

Buddy got a new bag of treats today. They’re organic, roasted chicken flavored, and shaped like happy little gingerbread men.

I just have to show you.

And tease my dog.

Aren’t these cute?

He looks so downtrodden.

Ready, set…

Go! Ah, success.

Then I set my camera down and snapped. This is what I got. I love it!

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A Typical Day

… in the life of Buddy.

Striking a pose (or just looking at shiny lights)

He’s spotted something.

Looking for lizards in a thorn-infested plant.

Charging at anything I point at (even if there’s nothing there)

The end.

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Just another hot, lazy day in Florida. How exciting.


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New Look

Last night I redesigned my website. It’s a much simpler look, but I’m really happy with it. It can fit in smaller screens easier, no scrolling to the right or left (I hope!). So go check it out and let me know what you think of it. It’ll do until I can get a bludomain site – they’re awesome!

And here’s a recent Buddy shot. I’m in love with this one!


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Buddy and the Turtle

One creature that drives Buddy absolutely crazy is turtles. They won’t run away from him, much to his disappointment. But that won’t stop him from having fun. He barks, or yaps, at them. He hits their shells with his nose. And he just watches them.

This time was no exception.

The turtle was across the street and Buddy ran to… greet it. I couldn’t get him to come home, so the turtle came home with us.

I put Buddy inside and the the turtle made his escape.


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