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I just made my very own Picasa web album. Check it out! I’m still adding photos, mainly ones that I’ve posted on my blog, so keep checking back for more.


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A Typical Day

… in the life of Buddy.

Striking a pose (or just looking at shiny lights)

He’s spotted something.

Looking for lizards in a thorn-infested plant.

Charging at anything I point at (even if there’s nothing there)

The end.

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Just another hot, lazy day in Florida. How exciting.


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Back Again

I have returned! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday; it’s been so busy around here. We all had an awesome time at Universal last week. The hotel was amazing! It was so nice to stay in the resort hotel-it was much more relaxing and less rushed! The first night we were there, I went with our friend Cynthia to the 12 am showing of Indiana Jones. I’ve never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies, but I liked this one. We had express passes, which were life savers when we went on rides; we didn’t have to wait in any of those terribly long lines. The new Simpson’s ride was really great; it was one of my favorites. The last day we were there, it started pouring down rain and we got soaked! We managed to get a ride back to the hotel on one of the rickshaws. I feel so bad for the guy who was on the bike because he had to lug all four of us uphill in the pouring rain. He doesn’t get paid-he only gets tips!!

Here are a few photos from our time in Orlando. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my SLR, just my cruddy old point and shoot, but it’ll have to do.

Inside the hotel

Meredith and Cynthia

Some views of the amazing hotel!

The first night we were there, we went to Bubba Gump’s restaurant at Citywalk. Run Forest, Run!

There was the cutest family of ducks at the hotel! The ducklings would follow their mom up to the hotel’s outdoor cafe seating and get right up under the tables to get food.

While editing this shot, I noticed that one duckling was sitting right on top of the other. I don’t know how they did it, but it sure is adorable!

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I’ll be leaving tomorrow to go to Orlando with my mom, sister, and friend. We’ll be going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and won’t be back until Saturday. So, no posts until Monday probably. We’re going to be staying at one of the Universal resort hotels, the Portofino. It’s going to be a senior trip for Meredith. We’re all really excited about going, and I can’t wait to ride the roller coasters!

I’ll defnitely miss my dog. He’s been acting really mellow the past few days and he threw up this morning, so I’m hoping he’s not getting sick. I’d feel so bad if I left him and he wasn’t feeling good!

Here’s some shots of our backyard bunnies to enjoy while I’m gone. 🙂

My favorite. Look at that face!

The lighting in this shot (and the one above) was so perfect. The light from the sunset was just coming through the trees, shining right on the bunny.

Itchy bunnies!

There was a variety of sizes. One bunny was an adult, one was one of Junior’s siblings, and one was a baby from our front yard. So we had every size. 😀


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More grad photos

Here’s some more shots from Saturday. Enjoy!

My family with Meredith before the graduation.

Mere and DJ

Bobby and Amanda

The flash was on when these were taken, but they ended up looking kind of surreal and dreamy.

Marcy and DJ

It was cloudy at sunset, but I thought it looked pretty.

Meredith and our dad after the graduation.

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Graduation Surprise

My sister, Meredith, graduated from high school yesterday afternoon, and we are all very worn out! You can read more about the graduation here.

Our mom had a surprise planned, and we could not guess what on earth it was going to be! Although she’s not a very good liar, she managed to keep it a secret. Well, what was it?

Our friends from Okeechobee (who we were told would not be coming) came to the graduation. Something was up. During the reception, Meredith and I were told to get ready to leave. As we walked out, we had a good sized crowd of guests following us to see what was going on. What greeted us as we walked outside?

A limo! An awesome white limo, and the driver had a British accent! So, we (Meredith, DJ, Marcy, Amanda, Bobby, and I) all scrambled in. DJ automatically started playing with every single button — from the radio to the lights, he hit them all! We went to The Melting Pot restaurant in downtown Sarasota and had a fabulous dinner. My favorite part of the meal was the lobster and the chocolate fondue! It was so delicious and filling, I don’t want to eat for the rest of the week!

After a 2 hour dinner, we headed to Siesta Key to take pictures. It’s a beautiful beach, the sand is like powder and there are no sea shells. After that, we went all the way back to our home in Englewood in the limo. We all had an amazing time, and Meredith was definitely surprised and happy.

The majority of the photos were taken by DJ and Amanda (thank you for not killing my camera). I took a few at the beach. I hope they show you all what a fabulous time we had!

(from left to right) Bobby, Meredith, DJ, and Amanda (Bobby’s wife)


Me and Marcy


(from left to right) Bobby, Amanda, me, Marcy, Meredith, DJ

DJ being wierd

Marcy (the pots were so steamy!)

Our waitress making the chocolate catch on fire with cinnamon

The best part of the entire meal — desert!

Me, Marcy, & Meredith

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