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At the park

To gain more photographic experience, we took a little trip to the dog park. Buddy has only been 3 other times when there were few dogs, but tonight there had to be at least 15 dogs. It was awesome! I think it was great for socializing Buddy. The other dogs were great at letting him know he wasn’t boss, just another member of the pack.

My favorite dog was the black Great Dane. I’ve already forgotten his name, but he was beautiful! He was recently attacked at the park by another dog and had to have 10 staples. Poor guy! My other 2 favorites were the puppies. One was an 11 week old black Lab puppy, the other was some kind of pointer. All the dogs were great. I had a blast, and so did Buddy. But he let us know when he was ready to leave – he stood right by the fence.

Prepare for lots of photos.


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Spring brings new life

Even though summer is approaching, signs of spring are stilll all around. Suddenly there are 5 million rabbits hopping around our street. The birds are teaching their babies how to fly. Flowers are coming out in full bloom. It’s so beautiful. I love spring.

Especially when I get to see all the little babies!

Sunday evening Buddy made another bunny-related discovery. There is a nest of baby bunnies in a bush in our front yard. Thankfully no bunnies were harmed this time. I only saw one, but it had very little hair and its eyes weren’t open yet. How precious! They hide in a mass of their mom’s fur, and if you’re patient you might see movement, or hear a little squeal.

There is also a pair of doves building a nest in our neighbor’s tree. I can’t wait to see their babies!

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Boca Grande

Today I went with my mom to Boca Grande. Everything is so beautiful there! The water is so clear and perfect, it makes you want to jump right in. There is a tall old lighthouse that I wanted to photograph as well. I must have seen at least 5 iguanas on my way over to the lighthouse, which was only a few yards away.

We also stopped by a park and I got a few pics of flowers and butterflies.

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The Old Man

Sparky is our old Boston Terrier. He’s 14, and he’s really running down. He’s blind and deaf and won’t gain any weight. He likes to sleep, snore, lick (i.e. doors, walls, furniture, himself), eat his own poop, and did I mention sleep? We like classify all of his problems under one name.

Old Man Syndrome.

But we all love him and don’t like to think about eventually having to put him down. He’s been a really great dog up until the past year, when he really started going downhill.

Here’s Sparky laying down in his chair. I actually liked the sun flare stuff coming from the window.

I told you he likes to lick.

Here’s sparky yawning. His tongue is so long!

And here’s his paw. I love the little details.

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Junior photos

I found some images of Junior that I hadn’t yet posted and wanted to share them with you. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to get photos of his adorable little tongue to show off, but that’s okay.

I took these at a friend’s house, Junior was quite famous!


“Can I get in there?”

“Nope. Oh well.”

I really love this photo. My friend Kara was holding him while he was eating a piece of grass, and I thought that the baby bunny in front of the “got life?” t-shirt was cute.


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I don’t know what to say. Last night the most horrible thing happened. Junior, the sweetest little baby bunny in the whole wide word, died. He died!

Early in the evening, around maybe 7 pm, we went to the bathroom to see Junior. He was lying on his side thrashing around in his cage. I freaked out, picked him up, and started crying. We thought maybe he had been trying to get out of his cage and he fell wrong and broke something. But his spine felt fine. Then, we believe, he started having seizures. It was so sad to watch him. They continued for a while, then slowly stopped. We put him in the bathroom and I sat down and just watched him. He couldn’t sit upright, he just flopped on his side. I stabilized him and talked to him, then I put him in his cage so I could take a quick shower. I kept peeping out to make sure he was okay. When I got out of the shower, I watched him take a breath, so I got dressed and came back to the bathroom. I picked him up and he wasn’t breathing. He wouldn’t blink or move. We checked his heart beat and found that he was dead. My little Junior wad dead. I cried and cried and cried, then we buried him.

So what if we’d only had him for a week. I get easily attached to all my animals.

Now let me reminisce…

Junior was so sweet! Every time you picked him up he would automatically start licking your hands. When we gave him his milk, which he loved, and he was all finished, he would sit there for quite a few minutes and lick his lips. He had the cutest little tongue ever! He would crawl around on you until he found a good spot and then he would go to sleep. After I had chewed minty gum, or brushed my teeth, Junior would lick my lips and try to find a way inside of my mouth! He was such a good little bunny.

I have no idea how this happened, or why. He was perfectly fine early that day, I held him and he was his normal adorable self.

What did I do wrong?

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Noses and wierd angles…

… make me smile. 😀



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